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     My work hours have recently been extended, so my darling husband decided to hire Sydenham Hill Cleaners to help with my cleaning chores every week. One less thing to stress about and they do a really good job.
Reeva L.21/05/2020
      Sydenham Hill Cleaning Companies did a very excellent house cleaning for me. I would recommend them to anyone.
     Find Sydenham Hill Carpet Clean to be very efficient and reliable. They're always on time to do my home cleaning and I'm pleased with their work.
Ainsley Grayson28/11/2018
      Sydenham Hill Cleaning Services are worth their weight in gold for the time they've saved me on domestic cleaning. And yet so cheap! I love it.
Theo Harb30/03/2018
     We needed our offices cleaning more thoroughly and SydenhamHillCarpetCleaners do just that for us. Every morning they send office cleaners to our premises with a trolley of cleaning products and the work they do does make a big difference. Our bathrooms are always fresh and spotless and the kitchen is very clean, with everything washed up. It has improved things for me as one of the complaints I frequently received with our old cleaners was the fact that they wouldn't touch certain jobs and this seemed to wind up my employees - they can't moan about it any longer!
Mark T.05/11/2014
     We have carpeting throughout our two-storey home and so the carpet cleaning is a really substantial job but with both me and my partner working long hours we find it almost impossible to do properly. That is why we got in touch with SydenhamHillCarpetCleaners and told them our situation. They gave us a great, low quote on a price and we were happy. The carpet cleaning itself was done by real professionals who were as polite as they were dedicated to getting the job done swiftly and efficiently. The carpets now look absolutely beautiful and I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone with carpeting!
Jane N.09/10/2014
     We were having such a hard time cleaning up after our dogs. It wasn't just the muddy paw prints and those stains they managed to get in the furniture and the carpets, but the hair was just everywhere. Their trails were all over the home and you'd get it on your clothes whenever you sat down. Rather than getting rid of the dogs, we decided to give SydenhamHillCarpetCleaners a call and see what they could do to help us. They came in and made a huge difference to all of the home and now you can't tell we have dogs!
Emily Faul04/06/2014

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